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Queer Lapis is looking for a fundrasing consultant


QueerLapis (QL) is a platform that features affirming and diverse narratives, contributions and lived realities of LGBTIQ+ persons in Malaysia that are produced and owned by LGBTIQ+ persons. As a repository of stories and resources, QL aims to empower LGBTIQ+ persons to become agents of change by enabling them to tell and own their own stories as well as to find a sense of community and solidarity with each other. 

QueerLapis aims to raise sufficient funds to ensure that the site becomes sustainable in the long term, by diversifying its funding sources and securing new funding streams. To do this, QueerLapis is seeking a consultant to help raise enough funds to sustain the website and our dream of empowering and enabling queer narratives in Malaysia. 

Purpose and scope:

The  duties  and  responsibilities  of the  fundraising  consultant  will include  the  following:

  1. To develop a fundraising strategy for QueerLapis, that will help QueerLapis sustain its operations for the next 3 years. The strategy will include identifying funding sources with the view of securing new funding streams; strategies for fundraising; and development of fundraising tools, mechanisms and procedures to facilitate fundraising.
  2. To raise a ceiling amount of RM600,000 in the course of 9 months


The  fundraising  consultant is expected to  provide  the  following  deliverables: 

  1. A  fundraising  strategy  for QueerLapis, that includes an exploration of at least three funding streams (institutional donors, individual donors, monetizing the website).
  2. Brief  final report  containing  information  about the implemented strategy, identified opportunities  and  challenges  and  recommendations for further  actions. 
  3. To have raised a ceiling amount of RM600,000


  • Month 1: Develop fundraising strategy for QL 
  • Raise Y1 funds within month 3: RM200,000
  • Raise Y2 funds within month 6: RM200,000
  • Raise Y3 funds within month 9: RM200,000 

Competencies / Requirements:

  1. Demonstrated experience in fundraising, resource mobilisation and donor engagement.
  2. Experience in designing fundraising strategies, including news sites or websites.
  3. Experience in funding planning, development of resource mobilisation strategies and implementation of such strategies. 
  4. Proven understanding of the donor environment. 
  5. Demonstrated skills and experience in report writing. 
  6. Fluency in written and spoken English; Bahasa Malaysia a plus. 
  7. Knowledge of and sensitivity towards the Malaysian context with regards to LGBTQ rights, and understanding of the unique political challenges involved in fundraising for this work. 
  8. Persons who identify as LGBTIQ are encouraged to apply.

Application & Budget: 

The  budget  for  this  assignment is RM3,000 plus a fee of 10% from the total of all funds raised.  

To  apply  for  this  consultancy,  please  send  the following  documents to  before  15 February 2022:

  • CV clearly  addressing  the requirements in  the ToR   
  • Letter  of intent  with proposed methodology  and  availability   
  • 3 reference contacts from  similar assignments