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A poem by Sheena Baharudin. 


Your shoes will be the first to go.

Then your earrings, will be remov[enter]
your necklace, unclasped

and your lingerie, dropped
followed by your dre[enter].

Though we both know
this thirst will remain unquenc[enter]

My eyes will still dri[enter] you
by the mouthful.

So crushed mout[enter]
and stifled gas[enter].

My tongue will li[enter] the light off
the arch of your ba[enter], the curves of your feet.

So quickened heartbe[enter]
curled toes on wrink[enter] sheets.

Let me meand[enter] over the vastness
of skin left undev[enter] still.

I will show you how wetn[enter]
and warmth are only synonyms

We will do what we have to do
not to wake the neighb[enter]

I will do what I have to do
not to stop until you beg me to

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sheena Baharudin is a Malaysian spoken word poet and poetry-educator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This poem was first published in the Rollercoasters & Bedsheets: An Anthology Of Sex In Minutes , published by Pillow Book Media, 2016.

Drawing by SLUT.